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Alaska Wilderness Voyages Rates

      We depart from and return to Seward or Whittier – depending upon our passengers, our float plan and the weather. As far as a standard itinerary for your trip, we believe that the true splendor of a personalized voyage is the ability to design a trip especially for yourself! This is a once in a lifetime journey into some of Alaska’s most beautiful wilderness. Rather than trying to follow any rigid, pre-determined schedules or itineraries, we let the whims of our passengers and the wonders of nature dictate the schedule to us.

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     Normally, we charter the vessel to one group of four to six guests, but we have on occasion, combined smaller groups. All Voyages include: vessel, captain, crew, fuel, use of premium fishing tackle, bait, use of dinghy and basic amenities including bed linens and towels. We also vacuum pack and freeze your fish for you and provide one fish box per person. Voyages do NOT include: Fishing license, transportation to/from vessel, alcoholic beverages and gratuities. Tips for your captain and crew are customary and greatly appreciated.

Premium Voyage - Meals and non-alcoholic beverages are provided and prepared for you.

Six Guests $8,250/day $1,375 per person/day
Five Guests $8,000/day $1,600 per person/day
Four Guests $7,800/day $1,950 per person/day

     Due to increasing fuel costs, it has been necessary for us to add a $200.00/day fuel surcharge. If the cost of marine diesel exceeds $3.50/gallon, we reserve the right to add an additional surcharge.

Shark Hunts - There is an additional fee for shark hunts. Please call us at 907-345-9353 to obtain prices.

     Minimum trip is four days and three nights.

     When you book a voyage, the boat is available to you at 8:00 AM the morning of your departure day. The vessel has a targeted return time your last day of 5:00 PM.

     To confirm your reservation, Alaska Wilderness Voyages, LLC requires a $2500 non-refundable deposit within 10 days of making your reservation and completion of the Guest Charter Document (PDF). By January 1st of the year of your voyage, 50% of the total trip cost is required. Reservations made after January 1st require 50% of the total trip cost within 10 days after making your reservation. The balance of the total trip cost is due 60 days prior to your charter date. If the reservation is made within 60 days prior to charter date, payment is due in full within 10 days of making your reservation. We accept check, wire transfer or money order. If you need to change a scheduled charter, we will make every effort to accommodate your needs, subject to the limitation of other scheduled charters. Cancellations must be in writing and sent via certified mail. If you must cancel for any reason, a refund is available based on the following schedule:

• Cancellation 61 or more days prior to departure date: 50% refund of total trip cost
• Cancellation 31-60 days prior to departure date: 25% refund of total trip cost

    If we can rebook your scheduled trip with another like cost trip we will gladly refund 80% of the total cost. If your trip is rescheduled with a lower cost charter you will receive a prorated portion.

    Alaska Wilderness Voyages, LLC reserves the right to substitute or change crew members, or to make changes in our schedule when necessary for the safety of our guests. In the unlikely event of mechanical breakdown, we reserve the right to make a timely substitution to another boat of comparable size and quality. If your trip is canceled, or length reduced due to mechanical breakdown, we will refund on a prorated basis the amount paid to us. Alaska Wilderness Voyages reserves the right to cancel any charter at any time.


Please call us for availability!

Alaska Wilderness Voyages, L.L.C. Guest Charter Document for a printable copy click here.


Although every precaution is taken to safeguard you and your belongings, group travel trips by their nature involve a certain amount of risk. Trip participants should understand that the marine travel trips operated by Alaska Wilderness Voyages, LLC, hereafter “A.W.V.” – involve known and unknown risks. A.W.V. assumes no responsibility for injuries, death, financial losses or damage to clients' property caused by or occurring during participation in any of the travel trips operated by A.W.V. Trip participants must assume responsibility for having sufficient skill and fitness to participate in the trips and activities offered or sponsored by A.W.V. Trip participants must understand and acknowledge that the trips offered by A.W.V. mean that folks on board the vessels used by A.W.V. will be “off-shore” and hours away from emergency response; participants must provide for their own medicines and well-being. Specifically, trip participants must also certify that they have no medical, mental or physical conditions which could interfere with their abilities to participate in the activities and/or trips they are participating in and they must assume and bear the cost of all risks that may be created, directly or indirectly, by any such condition. It is the responsibility of trip participants to have in place adequate insurance to cover any injury, damage or emergency transportation costs related to their travel and/or participation in trip activities and/or to bear the costs of such injury, damage or emergency transportation costs. Because of the risks associated with the travel trips sponsored by A.W.V. we urge all trip participants to supplement their own insurance with travel or vacation or emergency response types of insurance. Trip participants should understand that the marine travel trips involve known and unknown risks. A.W.V. requires that all trip participants acknowledge and assume these risks by reading and signing an A.W.V. Contract and Agreement document prior to departure.

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