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     Southcentral Alaska is renowned for some of the greatest fishing in the world! The incredible, nutrient-rich waters of the Gulf of Alaska flow into Prince William Sound, establishing a fertile habitat which supports a vast number of different species of fish. Here you can find world class fishing for trophy halibut, all five species of salmon, (King, Red, Silver, Pink and Chum), lingcod, the extraordinary salmon shark and several species of rockfish.

     This calendar will show you the best times to catch certain species of fish.

  Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct
Halibut xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx
King Salmon     xx xx xx      
Red Salmon     xx xx xx      
Silver Salmon         xx xx xx  
Pink Salmon       xx xx xx xx  
Lingcod         xx xx xx xx
Rock Fish     xx xx xx xx xx  
Salmon Shark         xx xx xx  

Alaskan Fish

Halibut - The largest of all flatfish! Click here to learn about the thrill of Alaska Halibut Fishing!
Salmon - All 5 species are found in our waters! Click here to learn about our fabulous Alaska Salmon Fishing!
Shark - Unbelievably powerful and fast – what a predator! Click here to learn about our fantastic Alaska Shark Fishing!
Lingcod & Rockfish - Dwellers of the deep – and fun to catch! Click here to learn about our awesome Alaska Lingcod Fishing and Alaska Rockfish Fishing!


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