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Lingcod and Rockfish

Halibut Salmon Shark

    Denizens of the deep, lingcod and rockfish have been a well kept Alaska Fishing Secret, whose time has come.

     Lingcod are not really a cod at all, they belong to the greenling family. They have very large mouths - lined with a plethora of very sharp teeth - which make up the majority of their rather big heads. They are truly ravenous predators – it is somewhat common for them to attack halibut and rockfish as we are reeling them in!

     Lingcod can reach up to five feet in length and weigh more than 80 pounds! They are also an extremely aggressive fish – and an exciting fish for any angler to fight! They must be 35 inches or greater to keep – and when you do keep them they are a culinary delight! Many Alaskans prefer the lingcod’s delectable white meat to that of halibut!

     Rockfish may be less famous than halibut or salmon – but, like lingcod, they are fun to catch and delicious to eat! Even though there are more than 30 different species of rockfish, they are divided into two categories: Pelagic and Non-pelagic. The pelagic rockfish include “black bass” and yellowtails, and they are found primarily in rocky areas. Non-pelagic rockfish include yelloweye and quillback, and they can be found in many of the same areas as halibut. Numerous commercial fishermen consider yelloweye the tastiest fish in Alaska!

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