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Travel Tips

Average Weather

      Generally, June through August are the warmest months, but ultimately the weather can be as variable in Alaska as it is anywhere else. Come prepared for sunny, hot days as well as cool rainy ones. The following chart will give you the average high temperature, the average low temperature and the average precipitation from April through September for the area of Alaska in which we will be voyaging.

  April May June July Aug Sept
Average High Temperature 44F 52 59 63 62 56
Average Low Temperature 31F 37 44 48 48 42
Average Precipitation in inches 4.25 3.39 2.22 3.1 5.82 9.38


      Our only recommendation here, in addition to your general, personal "necessities," would be sunscreen.


      Layers are the best way to keep you warm, dry and comfortable as you enjoy the glorious beauty surrounding you! Alaskan weather has been known to change both often and quickly, so fleece and good outerwear are key items you should bring to protect yourself from wind, rain and cooler temperatures. For footware, we recommend comfortable shoes. If you are looking forward to participating in any shore excursions while on your voyage, a good pair of hiking boots and/or an inexpensive pair of rubber boots is also recommended. In addition, don’t forget to bring along gloves and a hat - mornings and evenings have been known to get chilly!


      We recommend bringing along a pair of binoculars and your camera with lots of film (and extra batteries!) to view and capture the splendor of your voyage.


      Very Important! You must have a valid fishing license if you are going to fish. They are sold at sporting good stores and most supermarkets.


      Soft sided bags that can easily be stowed (such as duffel bags) are always the best option. Please try not to bring hard-sided suitcases, as they will be very difficult to stow.


      It is important to bring all medications that you may require with you as we may be rather distant from the nearest port.


      Please feel free to bring any music (CD’s and/or IPOD) that you may enjoy listening to on your voyage.


      Let us know if there is anything we can do in anticipation of your arrival to make your trip more comfortable. While on board, be sure to let your captain and crew know if they can assist you.

Alcoholic Beverages

      Be sure to bring any alcoholic beverages you may wish to enjoy.


      Tipping the captain and crew is customary and we are often asked what amount is appropriate. While 10-15 percent is the standard response, we have seen gratuities fall on either side of that. The captain and crew work very hard - before, during and after each trip - so any amount you feel comfortable giving will be greatly appreciated!

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