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     Are you looking to make your ultimate Alaskan Adventure even more exciting? Then, you may want to consider a SHARK HUNT!

     First of all, click on the title below and read all about the world record salmon shark caught on board Alaska Wilderness Voyages!

      HELPING HANDS SNATCH AWAY WORLD RECORD FOR SHARK(PDF) written by Craig Medred. It was published in the Anchorage Daily News on August 27, 2006. It is a fantastic story regarding one of our shark hunts in August of 2006.   

     The salmon shark, Lamna ditropis, belongs to the family Lamnidae along with a few other well known predators of the deep including the great white shark and the mako shark. Like its relative the great white, salmon sharks are giant, powerful, streamlined predators, and are speculated to be one of the fastest ocean inhabitants.

     One physiological adaptation that makes salmon sharks so fast is that they are endothermic and are believed to have the highest body temperature of all sharks. Endothermy enables the muscles in salmon sharks to contract faster. This not only increases their speed and agility in cold water, but also enables them to accelerate quickly and maintain an exceptionally high rate of speed over short distances - in spite of their large size! This characteristic has undoubtedly been a factor in their classification as an ambush/pursuit predator – they can attack from below and rely on speed and agility to catch their prey. Endothermy is very rare in fish, and has been found only in tuna, billfishes and lamnid sharks.

     Salmon sharks average about 6-8 feet in length and weigh around 300-400 pounds but can easily reach lengths of 10 feet and weigh more than 500 pounds. Make no mistake – this is a shark hunt not a fishing trip! Salmon shark are extremely powerful and will award the angler with long, high speed runs, powerful dives and even acrobatic leaps. Generally, it will take about 40-60 minutes to land a salmon shark – but fight times will vary. In order to better understand how much “fight” a salmon shark can give, you need to have a good appreciation of their power. We have had salmon shark break 130 pound test, straighten 6 OD swivels and barrels, bite through stainless steel cable leaders and snap a rod in half. We have witnessed many tough fishermen bent over and grabbing the rail for stability and a little help – even collapsing to their knees – after they have successfully landed a salmon shark. Even out of the water, salmon shark still can be quite powerful and dangerous. Their commanding jaws will continue to snap shut posthumously. Ultimately, they will provide you with the fight of a lifetime and an experience you will talk about for years to come!

     Salmon shark – when properly cared for by our excellent crew - is delicious. Generally, our clients have compared its taste to be similar to that of mako or swordfish. Of course, we also encourage catch and release for those folks seeking the “thrill of the ride” without procuring a plethora of shark meat!

     Two key components in shark fishing are location and "bite." Quite often, the best locations for shark "hunting" are found in very remote areas of Prince William Sound. Winning the fight of a lifetime with a powerful salmon shark is an amazing experience, but an exceptionally long boat ride out to the hunting grounds and an exceptionally long boat ride back to harbor can add up to a long, hard trip with more time spent traveling than angling for salmon shark! In addition, when the bite is on, IT IS ON! So obviously, you want to be at the hunting grounds when the bite is on - not in transit. On board Miss Brizz, we work hard to help you meet and exceed those two key components of location and bite.

     You can expect to anchor up in a serene, beautiful bay right at the hunting grounds - ensuring early morning "starts" and late evening "quits" for shark hunting - no long transit times since we will be on location. This allows us to be there when the bite is on also - no time restrictions on getting back to port! So, enjoy a leisurely breakfast in a beautiful bay, fight sharks from morning until night - the choice is yours. It just doesn't get any better!

     For additional information, and to obtain prices for shark hunts, please call us at 907-345-9353.


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