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Wonderful Adventure!

      Here's to the best looking captain and crew in this area and the nicest, most hard-working guys who took such good care of all of us. We wish you good luck in your travels and in your lives. Thanks for a super week in Alaska! Margie & Tom, Columbia Falls, MT

An adventure of a lifetime!

      The Captain (Mike) and crew provided excellent fishing opportunities, fabulous scenery (The Good Lord may have had a hand in that but they knew where to find it), out-of-this-world delicious food and all around fun! The boat and accomodations are first class. We hope to come back someday and share this beautiful country with you again. Thanks for everything! Dwain & Pat, Sioux Falls, SD

Awesome trip!

      Thank you all for the great fishing, great time and great friendship! It was the best fishing for me yet! Mike, thanks for taking care of our appetites and Christian, thanks for looking out for our comfort and good time. Tom, thanks for providing us with a great boat (the best!), great leadership and a great crew! Troy, St. Louis, MO

Thanks guys!

      Only the scenery surpasses the beauty of the ship! The fishing was great, the food delicious, the crew fantastic! Thanks for the tour of the Tiger's Eye! Simply spectacular! John, Missouri

Tom and Crew

      Thanks for an unbelievable trip far exceeding my expectations. The halibut were flying, the silvers smokin' and the rockfish rockin'! 6 days of hilarious laughter and once in a lifetime experiences! May all of your voyages in life be successful! We'll be back! Keith, St. Louis, MO

Thank You!!

      Words can't really do justice to what a wonderful experience we've had. Thank you for a wonderful, exciting, amazing trip! Doug & Brenda, Caldwell, ID


      What an amazing experience! Fantastic food - fabulous fishing (Keep tension on the line baby!!!) The Bronxville Boys had a great time! Wayne, East Meadow, NY

This was a great trip!

      The fishing, the stories, the food - everything was fantastic! Miss Brizz is quite a vessel. Best wishes to all of you (Tom, Nancy, Cody and Mike). I am already looking forward to my next trip! Rob, White Plains, NY

What an experience!!

      It just gets better and better everytime I come here! Looking forward to the next trip! Gino, New York, NY

To Tom and Crew

      Thank you all for a truly memorable trip on a very unique and well built vessel. The scenery was stunning and the wildlife viewing just never stopped! Especially great was the black bear that swam across Agnes Cove while we were anchored! Jeff, Anchorage, AK

Thank You!

      Thank you for an absolutely incredible experience with enough fantastic memories to last a lifetime! Playing with the porpoises, fighting the silvers, enormous halibut, fabulous food, watching the sea lions, seals, seagulls, eagles, the glaciers, coves and fiords. All perfect to the smallest detail. And wonderful company! Thanks to all of you - Tom, Mike, Bill and Nancy! Mike and Rebecca, Anchorage, AK

What a terrific vacation!

      Between the accomodations, the scenery and the wildlife and people this was the best vacation I have had! I hope to come back and do it again! Nancy and Tom - Thank you soooooo much! I love it! Sherri, Allentown, PA

Thanks for everything!

      We had the best time lounging in luxury aboard Miss Brizz! You all have made everything absolutely perfect, and even found MY GOAT! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful place with everlasting memories! DeWees, Wilmington, DE

The MISS BRIZZ - 6 days, better than paradise!

      My adventure included wildlife and landscapes, sea mammals, porpoises, birds of all kinds. Fishing and mountains and glaciers and coves and the clearest blue water on earth. A real-time, continuous, non-stop, ongoing, participatory IMAX experience!

      Huge rock outcrops, countless sea birds in their aviaries. Calm coves to anchor at night with the Aurora Borealis overlooking us at night, even in August!

      Cooling our drinks with 15,000 year old glacier ice to anesthetize our muscles fatigued from endless salmon and halibut fighting our hooks. Like a child not wanting it to end, asking how I can do it again! Joann, Anchorage, AK

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