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     If you are looking for the ultimate fishing trip, you will find it with Alaska Wilderness Voyages fishing for Alaska Salmon. This line peeling, rod bending, adrenaline filled thrill of a lifetime gets into your blood – and you just keep coming back for more!

     Pound for pound, Silver Salmon (Coho Salmon) are the best fighting fish in Alaska. Known for their long runs and acrobatic jumps – these fish will never cease to thrill every angler! Luckily for us, huge schools of silver salmon congregate throughout Prince William Sound, Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords each year – and our knowledgeable captain and crew know just where to find them! Many times, bringing one silver salmon to the surface will excite the whole school and they rise to the surface also – it is a wonderful sight to behold! When the bite is on – ITS ON! It is quite a sight to see 4 or 5 people fighting silver salmon at the same time – and landing them successfully is a task our highly trained crew take great pride in accomplishing!

     Another highly prized salmon is the King Salmon (Chinook Salmon) which is also the largest of the Pacific Salmon. No doubt about it, this is the big daddy of salmon. Hooking into a king salmon is a heart pumping thrill of a lifetime – enjoy the ride! Most fishing for king salmon is done by trolling – so you will get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery while fishing for the mighty king. Sometimes you may even hook into a “white king” – a very highly prized, white fleshed king salmon which is known as one of the best tasting salmon!    

     Prince William Sound also gets large schools of Red Salmon (Sockeye Salmon) into many of the bays. Not only do these fish have a reputation for being hard fighters they are also highly valued for their rich and flavorful meat. In addition, if you are up for some river fishing fun – we will also set you up to fish for Pink Salmon and Chum Salmon. When the timing is right – and you know where to fish – the rivers and streams are so full of fish that it almost looks like you could walk across the river on the backs of the fish!

     Just imagine yourself on board Miss Brizz, sitting at anchor in a secluded cove. As you watch bears feeding on pink salmon heading up a nearby river, the line on your rod starts peeling out. You land silvers while the bears feed on pinks. This is Alaska Fishing – dreams really can come true!

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